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Gas called Argon is employed in a wide range of medical procedures. It is regarded as a noble gas and is a hazardous non-water gas. Inert filler gas is another application for it. Other uses include a filler for dental products and surgical instruments.

Is argon a noble gas?

Unlike the red dwarf in the night sky, Ar Argon is no slouch when it comes to the oh so old school gas of the day. In fact, the aforementioned byproduct has more than one tee hee of its own. While Argon is certainly not the king of the ring, it's still in the big leagues. It's also the best way to keep a cold beer icy, as well as a good ol' fashion test for your mates. The biggest challenge, of course, is getting your drink of choice cooled in the first place. Luckily for you, there's a company that's in business to do it for you. Known as the Argon Corporation, it is the UK's leading specialist in the business of gas and refrigerant handling.

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