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Cylinder Gas Supply

Jinhong was established in 1999 and is now one of the largest gas manufacturing companies in China.

In line with the basic principles of safety first, lean production, continuous rich products, strict quality management, strong transportation strength and high-quality after-sales service, we provide our customers with comprehensive, systematic solutions.

Development Course of Us

Build NO.1 Brand in Gas Industry/Supply Competitive Cylinder Gas Price/ One-stop Gas Supply Solution

Jinhong Gas Co., Ltd. was founded, taking the first step of a world brand.

Acquired Dongwu Liquid Air Co., Ltd., as an opportunity, continuously mergered and reorganized, rapidly developed, successively established a number of local branches.

The first food grade dry ice production line was born, expanding the application field of carbon dioxide.

Medical gas products have been recognized by major hospitals, Jinhong become an excellent medical gas supplier in major high-level hospitals, and set up a family medical oxygen service center.

Jinhong invested and built an annual output of 300,000 tons food-grade liquid carbon dioxide recycle project.

Invested an electronic grade (7N) ultra-pure ammonia research and industrialization project, established a liquid helium supply center.

Ultra-pure ammonia was officially produced and operated, Jinhong has become a leading company in the field of ultra-pure ammonia in China.

Jinhong Gas established Jinhua Runze company, to provide clients with one-stop natural gas supply solution.

Established Jinhongpuen Electronic Material Company, radiated business scope, expanded business influence, and annual output of high-purity nitrous oxide reached 3000T.

Jinhong Gas obtained ISO22000 food safety management system certification and national standard substances level 2 certificate, Taiping LNG filling station trial operated; Jinpao Electronics Technology was established, committed to the development and promotion of civil gas products.

JinHong Gas listed at ShangHai Stock Exchange (stock code: 688106 ), set up a national enterprise center, focus on technical improvement and expand the company's influence in the professional field.

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Applications of Our Products

We have more than 100 kinds of products in three categories: special gas, bulk gas and LNG

  • Gas Supply Solution
    Gas Supply Solution

    JinHong tailor the various total gas supply system solutions and professional training for customers according to the characteristics of each gas and storage method(cylinder/tank/bulk gas). We provide our customers with efficient and safe delivery equipment and systems, enabling customers to obtain a full range of specialty, industrial and medical gas refill and delivery solutions.

  • On-site Gas
    On-site Gas

    According to the actual gas demand of users, Jinhong proposes the optimal solution for on-site gas supply. Different processes are adopted to optimize the user's gas cost. The professional mode of centralized management can comprehensively solve the service needs of users for all gases.

  • Innovation

    Jinhong established R&D center, CNAS laboratory, and cylinder testing center, with strong independent R&D capabilities and industry-university-research resource combination capabilities. To provide customers with comprehensive and systematic gas filling solution is the concrete embodiment of Jinhong creating value for customers.

  • Security Guarantee
    Security Guarantee

    Safety is the core value of Jinhong development. Jinhong has been committed to establishing a sound safety culture system. Combining strict working standards and automated production lines, we defend the bottom line of safety in every link from production to distribution. From the filling and processing of high-purity gas to the application of large-scale continuous gas supply technology, safety and high efficiency are our consistent goals.

  • Gas Supply Solution

    Gas Supply Solution

  • On-site Gas

    On-site Gas

  • Innovation


  • Security Guarantee

    Security Guarantee

We Provide Comprehensive and Systematic Gas Solutions for More Than 5000 Clients.

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Currently We Have More Than 150 Patents, Including More Than 32 Invention Patents

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