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Carbon Monoxide

The largest use of carbon monoxide is in the chemical industry where it is used in the synthesis of a wide variety of chemicals such as esters, ketones, aldehydes and glycols as well as for the production of phosgene, a common chemical intermediate. Normally the demand for carbon monoxide at chemical production sites is so great that it is produced on-site, though occasionally supplies in tube trailers may be viable.

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Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Monoxide

The most common carbon monoxide production plants are “reformers” in which natural gas and steam reacts together to produce CO together with hydrogen. However, there are also many other production techniques such as incomplete combustion of natural gas and, for smaller quantities, the dehydration of formic acid using either sulphuric or phosphoric acids.

GasCarbon Monoxide
CAS No.630-08-0
  • Vegetables and Fruits
    Vegetables and Fruits

    Atmospheres containing carbon monoxide are used to preserve fruit and vegetables during storage and shipment. The carbon monoxide provides a reducing atmosphere which inhibits the growth of organisms and the action of enzymes.

  • Metal Industry
    Metal Industry

    Carbon monoxide is used in relatively large quantities and in a variety of ways in the primary metals industry: as a chemical reducing agent for the recovery of metals from ores; in the purification of aluminium waste, and in the manufacture of metal carbonyls for conversion by thermal decomposition into high purity powdered metals.

  • Chemical

    Carbon monoxide is also used in both organic and inorganic chemical synthesis.

  • Battery

    A necessity in the production of solar cells is super clean silicium, that is produced with the aid of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is used as fuel in fuel cells.

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    Cylinder: 44L   Valve: CGA660, DISS720   Content: 22Kg

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