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Helium is inert and the least soluble of all gases in liquids and is therefore used as a pressurization. Being inert, helium is used as a constituent in neutral atmospheres e.g., in heat treatment applications requiring a protective atmosphere.

Helium is used extensively in the welding industry as an inert shielding gas for arc welding. It is also used in conjunction with helium (“leak”) detectors to test the integrity of fabricated components and systems.

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The primary source of helium is from natural gas wells. It is obtained by a liquefaction and stripping operation.

Due to the world shortage in helium, many applications have recovery systems to reclaim the helium.

CAS No.7440-59-7


MOQ100 cyls
  • Fiber Optic
    Fiber Optic

    Helium is used as a combined cooling and shielding medium for the pulling of optical fibres.

  • Nuclear Reaction
    Nuclear Reaction

    Helium is used for cooling of uranium rods in nuclear reactors.

  • Atmospheric Research
    Atmospheric Research

    Helium is used to fill large balloons for upper atmosphere and cosmic ray studies. Small helium balloons are used by weather forecasters to carry meteorological instruments.

  • Tunnel Work
    Tunnel Work

    Helium is used as a propellant in the "helium cannon" used in model firing tunnels. It also finds use as a working gas in some hypersonic wind tunnels.

  • Semiconductors

    Helium is used as a carrier gas or as a purge gas for a variety of semiconductor processes. Helium is also used for epitaxial crystal growth (inert atmosphere).

  • Calibration Gas
    Calibration Gas

    Helium is used as a calibration gas and a balance gas in calibration mixtures. It is also used as carrier gas in gas chromatography. It is used as a purge gas and a zero (span) gas for analytical instruments.

  • Heat Treatment
    Heat Treatment

    Helium is also used for vacuum breaking in heat treatment furnaces.

  • Airbags

    Helium is also used as airbag inflating gas in high pressure capsules.

  • Medical

    Liquid helium is used to cool the superconductive magnets in NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) for analytical or medical purposes and in the R&D to study processes around absolute Zero.

Frequently Asked Question
  • Can you provide balloon helium/low-purity helium?

    Yes. We specialize in providing helium of various purity, including balloon helium or high-purity helium, but we do not retail.

  • What purity levels of helium do you offer?

    We supply helium with purity levels ranging from 99.9% (3N) to 99.99995% (6.5N).

  • What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for your helium products? Can single orders be accommodated?

    Our helium typically has an MOQ of around 100 cylinders. Single bottle sales are not accepted.

  • Can you provide liquid helium?

    Generally, we can supply liquid helium. However, due to its requirement for transportation under low-temperature conditions and its propensity to evaporate over time, extended transportation distances may necessitate additional consideration for the evaporative nature of liquid helium.

  • Can you provide helium in cylinders/dewars/tanks/tube trailers?

    We are a specialized gas supplier, and gases are our primary products. Generally, we can supply helium in cylinders or dewars along with the helium itself. We also accept customers' tanks or tube trailers for filling at our facility but do not sell tanks or tube trailers.

  • Which industries do your helium products cater to?

    Our helium products are commonly used in industries such as healthcare, semiconductor manufacturing, LCD production, fiber optics, and air conditioning. We offer various delivery methods to suit different needs within these industries.


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