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Jinhong Gas provides a comprehensive and comprehensive gas supply solution.
Let us help your business grow better.

Market Leading
High-quality Gas Supply

Whether your company is in semiconductor industry, manufacturing industry, medical or environmental industry, Jinhong can provide you with high-quality and competitive gas supply.

Jinhong gas is the largest privated gas supplier in China, with rich production lines, professional teams and one-stop channel supply, which not only ensures the competitiveness of your company, but also improves your production efficiency.

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Market Leading High-quality Gas Supply
  • Semiconductor

    We provide integrated circuit/semiconductor customers a variety of specialty gas, which are needed by technical process such as diffusion, lithography, deposition, etching, doping, cleaning etc.

  • LCD

    With the technology development of flat panel display, customer need more specialty gases and related professional knowledge & experience, JinHong Gas provide a wide variety of specialty gas materials to flat panel display customers with application of doping, thin film deposition, etching and chamber cleaning process.

  • LED

    In the LED industry, JinHong Gas provides specialty gases and related equipments over years. We are proud of the products performance in quality, reliability and consistency.

  • Photovoltaic

    For the photovoltaic industry, JinHong's specialty gas apply in the film, polycrystalline silicon, silicon ingot silicon and 3-5 compounds application of solar cells, including thin film deposition, cavity clean, carrier gas application.

  • Manufacturing

    Industrial gases are known as the "blood" of industry. Industrial gases are generally in high demand, but do not require high purity.A large amount of industrial gases are required in metallurgy, steel, petroleum, chemical, machinery, electronics, glass, ceramics, building materials, construction, food processing, medicine and medical and other industries,

  • Medical

    Medical gases are gases used in medical procedures. Mainly used for therapy, anesthesia, driving medical equipment and tools. Commonly used gases are: oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, argon, helium, carbon dioxide and compressed air.

  • Food

    Gas is widely used in food. In terms of packaging, it can prevent food from oxidative deterioration and play a role in preservation. In addition, carbon dioxide as the main raw material of sparkling water, can improve the taste of beverages very well, which is one of the reasons why many people buy sparkling water machines for home.

  • Environmental

    Environmental pollution and climate change caused by the large-scale development and utilization of fossil energy have exacerbated global concerns about energy issues, and energy transformation has become an inevitable trend.

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