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Utilizing a oxygen gas plant system at home can be an excellent way to supplement the Oxygen intake of your family. It is a straightforward, convenient method that is simple to implement and utilize. Additionally, it can help you avoid air pollution.

Dissolved oxygen for fish production by Ruth Francis-Floyd

Optimal dissolved oxygen concentration is important to the survival of your fish. In fact, most finfish thrive at levels above 5 mg/L. If yours fall below this threshold, they may die of stress. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your fish stay healthy.

The best way to measure dissolved oxygen is to check the water temperature and air pressure. These are the two major variables that affect the amount of oxygen absorbed from the atmosphere. The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is influenced by both the size of the water body and its location.

For example, shallow water fish require between 4 and 15 ppm O2. Those in the upper reaches of the food chain require a much higher level of dissolved oxygen. A large portion of the dissolved oxygen in an outdoor production pond is produced by aquatic algae. Aeration may be an effective technique to boost dissolved oxygen levels in ponds.

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