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It's crucial to know how to manage an oxygen cylinder because having one can be a lifesaver in certain situations. Find out all you need to know about sealing washers, from how to clean them to how to replace them.

Changing a sealing washer

Changing up the sealing washer on an oxygen cylinder is not something that should be done without taking a few safety precautions first. The flow of oxygen can be disrupted by a poor seal, which can possibly put a person's life in danger. In point of fact, it was discovered that the incorrect application of a gasket was one of the primary contributors to the fires that devastated oxygen facilities all over the world.

A sealing washer is a type of O-ring, which is another name for it, and it is an essential component of an empty oxygen cylinder. Its primary function is to lower the pressure inside the tank. A dust cover is typically included with it. It is possible to oil it so that it will not slip off. In most cases, it is simple to remove and replace a conventional sealing washer.

Both plastic and metal can be used to make a sealing washer. The market is shifting toward the use of more suitable materials. Many makers of regulators advise using a metal-bound elastomeric sealing washer for their products. Torque levels of fewer than 10 inches-pounds are sufficient for it to create a seal.

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