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Using an oxygen bottle while gliding may help you remain safe in the air. If you have an older glider, you may wish to select a newer model of carbon fiber Oxygen bottle.

Aithre carbon fiber oxygen bottle

Mountain High Oxygen Systems, located in Redmond, Oregon, announced the debut of their new line of ultra-portable oxygen bottles earlier this month. For less than $200, the business will provide its 47L Aithre bottle, which will deliver 2.1 hours of steady flow, as well as a single-place Aithre regulator and a custom-made filling hose.

As expected, the business did their research and included the most significant features into the design. Aside from the obvious, the Aithre bottle is composed of carbon fiber, which is both lightweight and sturdy. It also has a high gloss surface and is CE certified. The nicest aspect is that it can be filled with either an existing DOT tank from an FBO or your own transfixing line. In fact, you may refill the Aithre as many times as you like for pennies per L.

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