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Inadequate quantities of o2 oxygen in the blood can put a person at risk for developing major health problems. It is essential to keep your Oxygen intake at a healthy level in order for you to continue performing at a high level. In order to accomplish this, you should never be without a transportable oxygen saturation monitor.


The transport of oxygen from the alveoli and the cardiovascular system to the tissues, as well as the release of energy from the mitochondria in order to generate ATP, are both essential components of the physiology of o2 Oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for the process of oxidative phosphorylation, which converts hydrogen into ATP by releasing energy from the hydrogen. A significant amount of oxygen must be present for there to be any chance of ATP production.

The rate at which oxygen diffuses through a material is governed by the first law of diffusion proposed by Fick. A significant contributor to the rate of diffusion is the concentration gradient that extends from the plasma to the cells. In addition to this, the rate of diffusion is determined by the difference in PO2 levels between the plasma and the cells.

Due to the large surface area of the lungs, which allows for rapid diffusion of gasses between the bloodstream and the atmosphere, the lungs are essential to life. When breathing normally, the venous blood that travels to the lungs does so with a partial pressure of forty millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Because of this difference in pressure, oxygen quickly diffuses from the blood within the capillaries into the tissue.

Every cell in the body that has a metabolic process going on needs to have oxygen molecules delivered to them. The pulmonary vasculature and the systemic vasculature are responsible for carrying out this function. Following its dissolution in the plasma, the oxygen that is bound to the hemoglobin moves into the surrounding tissue through a process called diffusion. The quantity of oxygen that is bound to hemoglobin has an impact on the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the target tissue.

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