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Whether you are a corporation that requires a nitrogen inert gas supply or a customer who has purchased this gas for personal use, you should be aware of its benefits and drawbacks. Its purification and applications should also be considered.


During the purification of nitrogen inert gas, it is possible to purge the extraction liquid with inert gas. The inert gas in this procedure can be Carbon Dioxide, argon, helium, or neon. The extraction liquid's density must be sufficient to extract at least 50 percent of the crude oil. This approach is applicable to several oil seeds, such as rapeseed, palm kernels, peanuts, and sunflowers. Notably, oilseeds must have at least two percent by weight of unsaturated fatty acids in order for oil to be extracted.

During oilseed processing, oxygen exposure is preferable. This can be reduced by replacing the headspace of the extraction vessel with an inert gas, replacing the oxygen in the extraction liquid with an inert gas, and increasing the seed meat's surface area. These techniques are applicable at different stages of the procedure.

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