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nitrogen gas cylinder

Make sure you have the right tools when you buy a Nitrogen Gas cylinder so you can get the gas out. To ensure that you are drawing the appropriate amount of gas from the cylinder, you must use a pressure-reducing regulator.

Liquid nitrogen tanks have a lower loss rate than tank trucks

Having a liquid nitrogen tank on site isn't for the faint of heart, but it's the least expensive and most convenient way to acquire and store this highly flammable gas. Some companies will even install an on-site carbon monoxide detector to minimize the chances of a fire hazard. As for the tank itself, there are literally thousands of different makes and models, ranging from large cylinders to small cylinder to portable dewars. Some manufacturers will go so far as to build a custom dewar from the ground up, allowing for the most flexibility, and highest level of quality. Having a liquid nitrogen tank on site also means the least amount of down time, as in a dry run you may be out the door within minutes.

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