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You might be wondering why you should choose Nitrogen air over regular air, whether you drive a truck, a car, or you're just trying to get better MPG. This is a good question because using nitrogen air is a more effective way to maintain the condition of your tires as well as cutting down on your fuel costs.

Nitrogen vs air in tires mpg

Whether you are looking for a good fuel economy or just want to keep your tires healthy, you should know the differences between air and nitrogen in tires. If you want a smooth ride, better handling, and longer life, nitrogen tires are a great choice.

The first thing you should know is that oxygen is only about 21 percent oxygen, while 78 percent of the earth's atmosphere is made of nitrogen. Water vapor, Carbon Dioxide, and argon make up the rest of the dry air.

In general, Nitrogen has a higher stability and less tendency to escape from the tire than air. It also produces a less variable pressure, which can help you improve your gas mileage.

Some drivers prefer using nitrogen, especially if you have a new car. If you are driving a race car, nitrogen can keep your tires inflated and help you maintain a consistent ride.

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