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The body produces a hormone called nitric oxide cvs that regulates both the vascular endothelium and blood pressure. It is regarded as a neuroprotective agent because it is essential to both the cardiovascular system and brain's health. As a form of heart attack, it is used to treat and prevent ischemic strokes. Additionally, it can be used to speed up blood flow to the brain and ease blood vessel tension, both of which may be crucial for people who experience migraines. Additionally, it is used to boost the production of collagen and elastin, both of which are crucial for the healing of wounds.


An important function of nitric oxide (NO) as well as nitrogen monoxide gas in the cardiovascular system. Vascular endothelial cells produce it. Vasodilation, diastolic heart function, and inhibition of the mitochondrial respiratory chain enzymes are some of its physiological effects. It also has anti-nociceptive properties. It may also have harmful consequences.

Nitric oxide contributes significantly to the pathogenesis of insulin-dependent diabetes in addition to its role in the cardiovascular system. Cardiomyocytes may also undergo apoptosis as a result. Acute circulatory failure has been connected to excessive NO production by iNOS. High efficacy of mtNOS inhibitors in experimental cardiomyopathies has been shown.

Nitric oxide is produced by endothelial NO synthases (eNOS). These enzymes fall under the constitutive and inducible NOS categories. When compared to constitutive isoforms, the inducible NOS produces hundreds of thousands of times more NO. Ischemia and hypoxia are two examples of external factors that can trigger induced NOS. After induction, it remains active for several minutes.

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