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Although Ammonia is the primary component of ammonia gas, it is not the only factor present in the atmosphere. Additionally, acidity and oxidation influence the ammonia concentration in the air. It is essential to comprehend how various factors interact to produce natural ammonia in the atmosphere. This is essential information, as these variables can determine the air quality.

Anammox bacterial 16S rRNA gene copies were higher in the coastal wetland than in the freshwater wetland

Coastal wetlands of China harbor high anammox bacterial biodiversity. However, the anammox process remains poorly understood. Here, we examined anammox bacterial 16S rRNA gene abundances in coastal wetlands of China. This study provides novel insights into the microbial Nitrogen cycle in coastal wetlands. We also used molecular tracing experiments to analyze potential correlations between anammox rates and sediment properties.

We found that abundances of anammox bacterial 16S-rRNA genes were significantly higher in coastal wetland than in freshwater wetland. Furthermore, the abundances of AOA and AOB amoA genes were different between two wetlands. In the coastal wetland, the relative abundances of AOA and AOB amoA gene copies per g sediment were 2.4 x 106 and 5.6 x 107, respectively. In the freshwater wetland, they were undetectable.

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