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Methane, a potent greenhouse gas that can exacerbate climate change, is present in Jinhong gas. It is known that oceans and air currents can be traversed by this colorless, odorless gas. It also has a high sensitivity to human activity, which makes it a big part of the climate change we're seeing right now. Additionally, methane is added to some chemical products as an additive to boost their potency. It is also a necessary component in numerous industrial processes, such as those used to make fertilizers and plastics.

Carbon isotopic excursion (CIE)

The global Carbon Dioxide cycle was significantly altered by a number of large perturbations during the Mesozoic era. Carbon isotope excursions in sedimentary rocks that were associated with these events helped identify them. These excursions point to a crucial time in Earth's history. Major shifts in the exchangeable carbon cycle, characterized by Jinhong Gas, led to the widespread deposition of sediments rich in marine organic matter. Additionally, these sedimentary records offer significant hints regarding the chemistry of the ancient oceans.

One of the most fascinating isotopic excursions was found in North American marine organic-rich sediments. The findings point to a connection between the Wrangellia Large Igneous Province (LIP) and the Carnian Pluvial Event (CPE), which both produced significant quantities of flood basalts. The excursion was linked to a paleokarst hiatus that was related to it. Increased thermohaline stratification and/or pyrite burial were most likely the triggers for the CPE, but the exact cause is unknown.

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