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liquid nh3

The liquid nh3 is available on the market for a variety of applications. The most common applications are in the food and beverage industries, as well as in the pharmaceutical business. Ethanol and ethanol fuels are two further uses. Another use for liquid nh3 is to prepare NH3 and GH2 gases for Nitrous Oxide production.

NH3 stripping system

The Nijhuis Ammonia Recovery system is intended for the recovery of Ammonia from organic waste fluids. This device removes ammonia from wastewater using an electrically conductive gas stripping membrane. It is a more effective treatment method than currently available therapies.

The Nijhuis system is competitive with other Nitrogen technologies because it can be designed to handle NH3 from various sources. A pump and an adsorbent bed are located between a compressor and a refrigeration unit in the system. Furthermore, the system may be adapted to include one or more adsorbent beds.

The influence of different packing materials and air flow rates on ammonia removal efficiency was studied in the laboratory. Full-scale testing were also carried out to ensure the process's stability and efficacy.

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