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For many individuals, respiratory therapy with liquid medicinal oxygen can be helpful. Jinhong gas offers this medicinal oxygen. It may be the best strategy to treat a number of illnesses, including as emphysema, asthma, and COPD. Also, it can be utilized in conjunction with other medical procedures like CAT scans and x-rays.


The sources of liquid medicinal oxygen in healthcare institutions are determined by a number of criteria. Cost, upkeep, electricity, and transportation are some of them.

There are two methods for producing Jinhong Gas liquid medical oxygen: self-vaporization and central piping systems. The latter is delivered to a healthcare facility's central piping system, whereas the former needs specialized cryogenic tanks.

At all levels of healthcare, both forms of oxygen are employed in a variety of indications. Certain treatments demand a lot of oxygen. However, these treatments might not be appropriate for usage in an environment with increased oxygen levels. In oxygen-enriched environments, flammable materials, friction, open flames, hair dryers, and electrical equipment can all act as sources of ignite.

Liquid oxygen is being used much more frequently than in previous years. At many healthcare facilities, it is now a therapy that can save lives. But the widespread, unchecked use of oxygen has given rise to safety concerns.

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