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At the moment, the cost of hydrogen per kg is variable depending on the source. Oil and coal are the two primary sources of Hydrogen that are put to commercial use. However, research and development is currently being done to create hydrogen from renewable sources. In point of fact, there is a great deal of interest in hydrogen derived from biomass, and a report that was published not too long ago by the International Institute for Sustainable Development demonstrated that hydrogen derived from biomass has the potential to supply up to 70 percent of the world's energy requirements. This is a significant increase in the production of hydrogen, which has the potential to transform the energy system of the entire world.

Cost of gray hydrogen

The cost of fuel production is an essential component of the total cost of the project you are working on, regardless of whether you are producing green or grey hydrogen. Although the various processes each have their own unique energy costs, in the long run, the cost of fuel will be the primary factor in determining your total production expenses.

For the production of one kilogram of hydrogen, for example, you will require 44 kilowatt hours of energy from natural gas. In order to produce one ton of hydrogen, you will also need thirteen to fourteen liters of water.

Utilizing gas as the source of gray natural hydrogen production results in the lowest production costs. Nevertheless, the cost of natural gas has increased by a factor of 300 percent since the beginning of the year. As a direct consequence of this development, manufacturers of this form of hydrogen are currently confronted with the prospect of cost inflation.

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