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hydrogen cylinder

Having a hydrogen cylinder can bring a number of advantages. A cylinder can be beneficial for storing liquid Hydrogen and compressing gas.

Compressed gas

Currently, compressed hydrogen gas cylinders are the most effective means of onboard hydrogen storage for automobiles. They are also the most cost-effective. However, there are worries surrounding the safety of this technology.

Compressed gas may be hazardous, combustible, and oxidizing. Moreover, it is not as energy dense as liquid hydrogen. This necessitates the storage of compressed gas in larger tanks.

These containers are voluminous, cumbersome, and have a hefty weight penalty. They may also be expensive. For instance, a Type IV vessel costs around 70% more than a Type I or Type II vessel. The price is due to the carbon fiber used to construct the cylinder.

The ability to swiftly refuel a vehicle is the most significant advantage of compressed hydrogen cylinders. They also have a high energy density per unit of mass.

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Bonfire tests

It is difficult to evaluate the performance of composite hydrogen storage cylinders using burning experiments. Multiple groups are developing relevant correlations and applicable standards. These correlations accurately represent the available data.

One method, based on a theoretical model, estimates the diameter of a fireball following the explosion of a hydrogen tank. To compute its volume, stoichiometric combustion of liberated hydrogen with air is utilized. The hemispherical shape of the fireball is supposed to be filled with the results of full hydrogen combustion. In addition, it is expected that the flame's adiabatic temperature is roughly 2400 K.

The generated theoretical model was evaluated against the available experimental data. The model was also utilized to examine the fireball's behavior.

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