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At the moment, the cost of hydrogen can differ significantly from one provider to the next. The sources of the hydrogen, the rate of hydrogen loss, and the combined heat and power output are some of the factors that can have an effect on the price of hydrogen.

Sources of cost-competitive hydrogen

The United States of America and Northern Europe are both home to a plethora of economically viable sources of hydrogen. The price of hydrogen could be cut by as much as 95% if sufficient investments were made.

Recent research has uncovered a number of different architectures for solar photovoltaic electrolysis systems. This is a piece of technology that has the potential to completely transform the energy infrastructure of the future.

It should not come as a surprise that green hydrogen, which is produced from electricity derived from renewable sources, has a lower cost than grey hydrogen, which is derived from fossil fuels. However, this is not the only method available for the production of fuel that is priced competitively.

The production of electrolytic hydrogen through solar power also has a moderately low cost. Taking into account the current levelized cost of hydrogen, it is estimated that solar-powered hydrogen will be competitive with alternatives operating on an industrial scale in approximately ten years.

It is also possible to produce blue Hydrogen, which is a form of hydrogen that is produced from gas through Steam Methane Reforming, at an even lower cost. Blue hydrogen can be produced by reforming methane with steam. In the power markets of Northwest Europe, it is estimated that the cost of producing this form of hydrogen will be approximately 20 euros per megawatt hour.

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