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co2 gas refill

When it comes to co2 gas refill, you have a few distinct options. In the UK, there are companies that provide filling stations and those who can refill your bottle. There are numerous solutions available if you need a fill for paintball or MIG/MAG welding.

Filling stations in the UK

The biomethane sector has built a name for itself in the United Kingdom in recent years. Across the country, biomethane filling stations for trucks and buses are being erected, with some partners employing the technology to assist cut carbon emissions. Air Liquide is also creating a name for itself in the biomethane sector, with ambitions to open 20 filling stations in the United Kingdom over the next few years. It will also construct a tenth biomethane manufacturing plant in the UK by the summer of 2021, the equivalent of 1,000 lorries.

Gas Bus Alliance is another newcomer to the biomethane industry, with plans to install seven biomethane filling stations for buses and other vehicles. Finally, the British supermarket ASDA plans to put 300 BioNGV trucks into service in 2021.

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