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co2 gas cylinder

A co2 gas cylinder is a device that can be used for a variety of purposes. When using a cylinder, there are several considerations to bear in mind. Some of these include the cylinder's safety, as well as its testing, filling, and discharging.

Filling apparatus for a CO2 compressed gas cylinder

A CO2 compressed gas cylinder filling apparatus includes a valve for refilling the cylinder with liquid CO 2 based on an interactive interaction between the cylinder and the filling device. The invention seeks to provide a filling apparatus that can unlock the valve by applying a force not available with conventional mechanisms.

The inventive valve accomplishes this by having an axially displaced opening plunger that is axially displaceable in the direction of the nozzle outlet. The opening plunger is linked to an actuating pin on the cylinder's end face.

This actuating pin can be relieved by applying the same pressure to its outer surface. When this happens, the opening plunger moves axially in the direction of the nozzle outlet, releasing the corresponding one cylinder valve.

Furthermore, the actuating pin is accompanied by a locking piece that is not fully extended axially. The actuating pin is connected to an axially displaced tappet, which depresses the actuating pin and releases the valve body from the sealing seat.

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