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The group of plants that create Carbon Dioxide is referred to as carbon dioxide plants. Among these plants are Calathea and Senna, among others. Some of these plants emit poisonous fumes that are hazardous to humans.

Other plants that emit carbon dioxide

Carbon Dioxide emissions from coal-fired thermal power stations are a major contributor to global warming. For this reason, a large number of scientists believe that the emissions from these plants are essential for preventing climate change. If we do not sequester the CO2 produced by these plants, crop yields will decrease.

Some businesses are exerting significant effort to discover methods to sequester and treat CO2 from industrial sources. Some of these techniques are in their infancy, while others are already producing usable goods from trapped CO2. There is a worldwide race to develop technologies for capturing and storing carbon dioxide. However, it will take some time before the trapped gas can be used for items such as food and industrial products.

The first carbon capture facility was built in Saskatchewan, Canada, and has subsequently been replicated at fourteen different locations around the nation. These plants have the capacity to annually store 40 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

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