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There are a number of things to think about before purchasing a carbon dioxide canister. Considerations such as the canister's price, capacity, and longevity are appropriate. You must also ensure that the canister is suitable for your requirements.

Refilling CO2 bottles

A CO2 canister bottle and co2 gas bottle  is a small but mighty vessel that is often used for many purposes, such as preparing sodas and cocktails, or even filling fire extinguishers. If you are in Canberra and are looking for a way to refill your Carbon Dioxide cylinder, you can do so at a number of shops. However, you should be aware that these tanks are not to be messed with, and you should always keep them in an upright position. They are also extremely hazardous if mishandled, so be careful!

There are a number of CO2 cylinder brands on the market today, from the inexpensive to the high end. Many of the better models feature a small thimble that inflates the liquid CO2 contained inside the bottle. The thimble itself is not necessarily the most efficient way to fill the cylinder, however. For example, the smallest CO2 bottle is actually larger than the thimble, so you would need to flip it upside down in order to get the cylinder filled.

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