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For MIG and TIG welding, argon helium can be used as a shielding gas. It is semi-inert and inert. It has numerous uses, such as in metallurgy, shipbuilding, and aerospace.

MAC and EAC values of argon helium

Calculating the E/MACs of noble gases interacting with gold surfaces required molecular dynamics simulations. To find the best fit, different mixing rules and interatomic Lennard-Jones potentials were used. The best option was determined to be the ab-initio pair potential.

On a clean surface, the EAC for He and Ar ranged from 0.017 to 0.23. (untreated surface). According to reports, Ar's tangential-MAC on common surface materials was 0.893.

Surprisingly, the EAC using the most effective assembly of gas molecules matches that of the corresponding numerical value. The y-coordinate of the gas atoms as a function of simulation time is represented by the red crosses. The most trustworthy of the three is the ab-initio pair.

The EAC was overpredicted by the LB mixing rule. The FH mixing rule led to a more precise outcome. The LB mix is smoother than the FH mix. Additionally, the EAC for Ar and He is marginally less than the LB.

The energy well was also overestimated by the Fender-Halsey mixing rule. The other two rules encounter the same issue. To investigate the impact, simulations of molecular dynamics were run on both He and Ar.

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