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A common insulator is Sulfur Hexafluoride Gas, which is a type of Hydrogen fluoride. Given that it is an electrical conductor, it has a high dielectric strength. This makes a wide range of applications possible. Electric equipment like cables, transformers, and electronic circuits are the main uses for SF6 gas. Additionally, it serves as a greenhouse gas, a solvent, and an arc quencher.

Arc quenching

Arc quenching with Sf6 gas is a technique for putting out arcs by lowering their temperature. SF6 is a biologically, chemically, and inflammably inert gas. Its dielectric strength is extremely high.

It is crucial to use a good insulating medium because the movement of charges is what creates the arc. The SF6 gas is a wise choice due to its superior dielectric qualities. It is also a non-toxic, biologically inert, and inert gas. Additionally, it is a very electronegative gas.

The pressure affects the SF6 gas's dielectric strength. The gas initially has a normal pressure. It is then compressed, which strengthens its dielectric properties. The fault will enter a cylinder that contains SF6 gas when it occurs. After that, the gas is let out through an outlet.

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Regulations on SF6 emissions in Norway

One of the major sources of SF6 emissions in Norway is the electric power sector. Since the middle of the 1990s, the industry has seen significant decreases in its emissions. The introduction of substitute gases and increased technological innovation were combined to achieve these reductions.

In the last two decades, the use of SF6 in the electronics sector has grown, and it is now the material of choice for low-voltage equipment. The primary emissive sources of SF6 outside of the electronics sector are the production of aluminum and magnesium.

Due to improved SF6 capture during re-filling, western Europe is predicted to have lower SF6 emissions than other regions. Additionally, it is predicted that a decrease in transmission losses will result in a decrease in SF6 emissions from HV equipment.

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