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Nitrogen Gas

As we previously observed, the Nitrogen Gas N2 is used to split molecular nitrogen using carbon monoxide. Given that it has been established that certain harmful bacteria are present in milk, this treatment clearly targets dairy producers.

Pasteurised milk

Adding Nitrogen Gas N2 to skim milk is a process that can increase TA and browning intensity. This plasma modification is a technique that could be used for the production of dairy products and confectionery items. The chemical composition and properties of the skim milk were measured to determine the effect of the treatment.

A cold plasma jet was used to treat 50 mL skim milk in a 1000 mL bottle at atmospheric pressure. The frequency of the jet was 15 to 25 Hz. The gas flow rate was set at 5 L/min. The arc drop voltage was 2 kV. A circulating water bath was also included in the sample cabinet.

The fatty acid content of the milk was also measured. The results showed that the fat content of type C milk was higher than that of type B milk. However, the n-6/n-3 ratio was not different from the summer and winter milks.

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