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Medical Nitrogen

The ability to perform various medical procedures, such as cryotherapy and blood urea Nitrogen (BUN) tests, depends on having a medical Nitrogen source. You will also be able to use helium plasma and power up surgical instruments.

Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test

Typically, a BUN test is used to assess kidney function prior to undergoing certain procedures. It also helps to monitor the progress of kidney disease. It is very important to have the test done in a reliable laboratory. It should be done in conjunction with a creatinine blood test.

An abnormal BUN count may indicate a gastrointestinal problem, a cardiac condition due to lack of nitrogen air, or dehydration. It may also be caused by urinary tract obstruction.

If you are having a high BUN, you should discuss it with your health care provider. A healthy adult has a normal range of around 8 to 24 milligrams per deciliter. Your health care provider will compare the test results with reference values to help determine if you have an underlying condition.

The normal range of BUN is based on the age and gender of the patient. The range may vary from lab to lab.

The highest BUN results are usually associated with dehydration and burns. They are also associated with a high protein diet.

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