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Utilization of Helium in aircraft has become an increasingly vital aspect of the aviation industry. As an oxygen transporter and oxidizer for aircraft engines, Helium offers numerous benefits. In addition to its importance as a refueling agent, helium can be used to manufacture a variety of aerospace-applicable components. This range of products includes oxygen bottles, compressed air tanks, and fuel nozzles, among others.

Liquid helium

Whether you are a student in the field of physics, a technician in the research lab, or a patient in the clinical setting, you have probably come across liquid helium. It is the coldest liquid in nature, and it is used in a variety of scientific experiments. Its unique properties have led to many important applications.

During very low temperatures, liquid helium  or Helium Gas transitions into a superfluid state. This state exhibits ideal fluid dynamics, zero viscosity, and a Reynolds number effectively infinite.

Liquid helium is necessary for the cooling of powerful superconducting electromagnets. These are used in magnetic resonance imaging devices, such as the MRI scanners that are found in public health centers in the United States. It is also used in beam-steering magnets that are part of particle accelerators.

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Leak testing

Detecting a leak is a quality control process that helps to determine whether or not a component is leak tight. There are several methods that are used to determine this. It is important to understand the process and how the readings will be interpreted to make sure you get accurate results.

The first method is the pressure decay test. It is an objective test that measures the pressure drop between two sides. It can be performed on valves, pumps, flange connections and heat exchangers.

The second technique is the pressure rise test. It is a technique that is used to measure the pressure rise that occurs in a vacuum chamber. It is performed in the high vacuum range. It is also called the bombing technique.

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