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Compressed Hydrogen Gas

Whether you are seeking Compressed Hydrogen Gas for a new vehicle or merely to store it for your family's needs, there are a few things you should know. This includes the various types, storage locations, and DOT, ISO, and SAE certification testing for cryogenic-capable pressure vessels.

Hysteresis affects hydrogen compression efficiency

The optimal efficiency of hydrogen compression depends on the material qualities of the metal hydride employed. Gravimetric density, hysteresis, and cyclic stability are the important features. AxBy intermetallic alloys are particularly suitable for Hydrogen storage applications in stationary locations. These alloys can be modified by substituting elements.

The degree of a shift in pressure or temperature termed hysteresis. For an ideal gas, a change in temperature will result in a 20% increase in mass. Similarly, a change in pressure will result in a slight increase in mass. The hysteresis of an ideal gas is not, however, linear.

Because a change in pressure or temperature affects the molecular arrangement of the gas, this is the case. Consequently, the density values of the gas are only meaningful at a particular pressure or temperature.

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Leakage out of a vessel

35 or 70 MPa is the standard maximum pressure for hydrogen storage containers. Nonetheless, this pressure is inadequate to prevent leaks. Sensors can detect a hydrogen leak if they are installed. These devices can detect a leak and notify the crew. Likewise, they can avoid an explosion.

The risk assessment of hydrogen emissions in tunnels has been the subject of multiple research. Simulations of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) were utilized. In comparison to experimental results, simulations demonstrated that hydrogen concentrations fell below the lower limit of flammability. The results indicated that hydrogen stratification in the tunnel was promoted.

Another study simulated hydrogen gas leakage from a vehicle powered by hydrogen. On a hot summer day, a GTR was used to imitate a vehicle in an unventilated garage. Simulation results indicated that the velocity profiles were symmetrical when the source was located in the middle of the garage.

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