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Argon Refill

Argon Refill is a shielding gas used for welding. It is utilized due to its resistance to oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and tungsten. In fact, it is an ideal gas for a variety of welding applications.

Tungsten inert gas

In a welder's workshop, the most common gas used is Argon. It is an inert shielding gas that works well in arc welding. It can be used on a wide range of metals and is particularly useful for TIG and MIG welding.

A welder can choose between four types of MIG welding gas, including pure Argon, carbon dioxide, or a combination of both. While these gases are similar in size and are generally interchangeable, the optimum blend for a given application depends on the type of metal being welded.

Argon/CO2 is one of the more popular mixtures. This combination is known for its minimal spatter and smooth welds. However, it does not have as high a penetration power as pure Argon. This makes it the best choice for welds on thicker aluminum pieces.

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