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The excellent development achievements benefit from Jin Hong's attention and investment in talents and R & D.

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We have the only national enterprise technology center and CNAs laboratory in the gas industry that focus on the research and development of electronic gas. We have undertaken the torch project of the Ministry of science and technology for many times, LED or participated in the preparation of national standards for many times, and won the scientific andTechnological Progress Award of Jiangsu Province and Suzhou City for many times.

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Invest a lot of R & D funds every year, focus on important application fields such as electronic semiconductors, and continuously improve the achievement transformation ability of the special gas industrialization platform on the basis of consolidating and improving the existing product R & D level. Among them, the quality and technology of various electronic grade ultra-high purity gases independently developed and produced, such as ultra-pure ammonia, high-purity hydrogen, high-purity nitrous oxide, high-purity carbon dioxide, silane mixture, octafluorocyclobutane, high-purity argon and high-purity nitrogen, have reached international standards, and are widely used in high-end industrial manufacturing fields such as LED, solar photovoltaic, liquid crystal panel and semiconductor integrated circuit, Become a gas supplier for many well-known customers in the field of electronic semiconductors in China.

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