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Suzhou JinHong Gas: What We Have Achieved In 2020…

Date: Mar 31, 2021

Shouldering the historical mission of "Integrating into the economic vein, demonstrating precious temperament", JinHong will continue to focus on the direction guided by the national "14th Five-Year" development plan. In accordance with the requirements of "20 Major Indicators of Economic and Social Development in the 14th Five-Year Plan Period" and on the premise of examining the macro environment, industry environment and competitive environment, JinHong has formulated the vertical and horizontal development strategy along with strategic objectives to set the development of "green ecology" as the principle line.

The vertical and horizontal development strategy -- vertically (technology goes first), horizontally (broaden the market), constantly improve the product technological content and strengthen the superior gas products to hold the position of the gas industry leader. Vertical development means that JinHong will keep introducing professional talents, increasing R&D input to develop the import substitution of special gas products. Fill the domestic blank market, contribute to the national innovation system construction and step out of the nation to the world. Horizontal layout implies that we will rely on the industry development advantages, plan cross-regional expansion as well as merger and integration, to provide customers with more timely and higher quality gas supply and service, and to build "JinHong" the industrial national brand.

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