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Jinhong silane products are exported to the Southeast Asian market

Date: Sep 16, 2022

    On September 6, 2022, Jinhong Gas signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a partner company to establish a strategic partnership in the field of silane. This cooperation has greatly increased the resources of Jinhong Gas silane products, enhanced the competitive advantage of the industry, and provided effective assistance to better serve the semiconductor industry at home and abroad and expand the foreign trade business of special gas in Southeast Asia.

    Silane is one of the most important properties in the pan-semiconductor industries such as integrated circuits, panel displays, LEDs, optical fiber communications, and solar cells. It is mainly used to make silicon dioxide film, silicon nitride film, polysilicon isolation layer, polysilicon ohmic contact layer and silicon epitaxy, etc. It can also be used to make silicon nitride reflection reduction film in solar cells and silicon nitride in panel display. Insulation protective film, amorphous silicon layer film and applied in the field of optical fiber and photoelectric sensor.

    According to the statistics and forecast of QYR (Huozhou mus), North America and China are currently two important methilane producing areas, with 34.52% and 20.82% market share respectively in 2021. Global methilane market sales are estimated at us $445 million in 2021, and are expected to reach us $910 million in 2028.

    At the same time, the advantages of labor price and optimization of transportation and logistics conditions have promoted the accelerated transfer of global semiconductor industry production bases to Southeast Asia. Taking photovoltaic semiconductors as an example, Southeast Asia has the characteristics of continuous high-quality light, which makes the development of photovoltaic solar energy industry have an inherent advantage. According to WoodMac statistics, PV installed capacity in Southeast Asia is about 12.6GW in 2019, and is expected to increase to 35.8GW in 2024, with small-scale solar accounting for 32% of the new capacity.

    Since 2016, Jinhong Gas has successively started the export trade of special gas in Southeast Asia with a number of companies. The cooperation in the field of silane products will help Jinhong Gas to further develop its special gas business in Southeast Asia.

    At present, the global semiconductor industry is showing a strong growth trend. According to the latest competitive analysis of the global semiconductor market conducted by Omdia, the annual sales of the semiconductor market in 2021 will exceed $500 billion for the first time.

    Electronic special gas is one of the important production raw materials for semiconductor industries such as integrated circuits, photovoltaics, and liquid crystal panels. Since Jinhong Gas successfully developed "7N electronic grade ultra-pure ammonia", we have launched a series of important products such as high-purity nitrous oxide, electronic-grade ethyl orthosilicate, and high-purity carbon dioxide. With their excellent product quality and reputation, they have brought good performance to the company in domestic and foreign markets.

    In addition, Jinhong Gas has also planned 5 special gas production bases, which can not only increase the production capacity of existing products such as ultra-pure ammonia and nitrous oxide, but also increase the production capacity of hexafluorobutadiene, monofluoromethane, high-purity dichlorodihydrosilicon, hexachlorodisilane, disilane, trimethylsilamine, etc.

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