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Jinhong Gas Will Comprehensively Promote The Layout of Hydrogen Industry

Date: Apr 26, 2022

    With the global market paying more attention to environmental protection and the urgent need for clean energy, hydrogen energy stands out among many energy sources as a recognized renewable and clean energy source. JinHong Gas, as an enterprise engaged in hydrogen storage and transportation business for a long time will play a more important role in the international market.

The Great Future of Hydrogen Energy Development

    Compared with conventional electric energy, the development of hydrogen energy requires more investment in infrastructure. However, in the long run, hydrogen energy will not only bring more energy but also make an important contribution to the national carbon peak and carbon-neutral goals.


    In Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics 2022, hydrogen energy became an important embodiment of the concept of "green Olympics". "FeiYang" torch uses clean low hydrocarbon energy as fuel; More than 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and more than 30 hydrogenation stations were built in the Winter Olympics area to achieve green energy used in transportation.

Efforts of JinHong in Hydrogen Energy Development

    The development of hydrogen energy industry includes many applications of low-power fuel cells. Hydrogen in alternative energy such as pure electric and gasoline and diesel on the issue of obvious advantages, can be based on a small demonstration project of the hydrogen fuel cell power, avoid large upfront costs and government subsidies, rely on several key enterprises hand in hand to cooperate, in the second round light truck, forklift, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in areas such as exploration application scenarios, play the part of demonstration leading role for the hydrogen transportation industry diversification. At the same time, small vehicle-mounted winding hydrogen cylinders with a small filling capacity can be pre-filled in the gas plant and then directly delivered to the user for hydrogen replacement mode, so as to avoid high station construction costs. As one of the largest cylinder gas suppliers in China, JinHong Gas has rich experience in this field.


(The Picture of JinHong Gas Hydrogen Plant)

    Second, JinHong Gas attaches great importance to the technical mode of diversifying hydrogen sources through different scenarios and has carried out projects in green hydrogen and other fields.

Finally, hydrogen energy logistics and transportation also need to be considered. At present, JinHong Gas has rich experience in hydrogen transport business of 20Mpa tube bundle vehicles. Such models have a small amount of hydrogen transport at a single time. Meanwhile, the tube bundle is also the carrier of hydrogen storage in the supply chain, which is quite different from other energy storage and transportation modes such as gasoline and diesel, LNG and so on. Therefore, we are willing to carry out in-depth cooperation with relevant storage and transportation enterprises, and continuously improve the transportation efficiency of the whole industry to meet the requirements of the international development. In terms of the specific practice of hydrogen energy industry layout, JinHong Gas has been participating in hydrogen supply of hydrogenation stations, oil-hydrogen combined construction stations and "gas-hydrogen electric service" comprehensive energy adding stations in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Sichuan and Chongqing in recent years, and is making steady steps.

    At present, major developed countries and economies have regarded hydrogen energy as an important strategic choice in the energy transformation, and continuously increased investment and strengthened distribution to seize the commanding heights of hydrogen energy industry development. Therefore, JinHong Gas will give full play to its accumulated experience in the hydrogen energy industry, upgrade and transform our industry, provide a powerful energy guarantee and do our best to boost the strategic goal of carbon peak and carbon-neutral environmental protection.

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