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Jinhong Gas 2022 Q3 Reports Overview

Date: Nov 11, 2022

Company Introduction 

As a comprehensive gas service provider, Jinhong Gas has a gas supply and service network with rich categories, reasonable layout and reliable distribution, providing gas solutions for customers in electronic semiconductor, medical and health, new materials, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing and other industries. Recognized by well-known customers such as SMIC, SK Hynix, YMTC, Micron, UnitedSemi, GTASEMI, LONGi, Tongwei, etc.

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Q1-Q3 Performance 

jinhong Performance

Recent Events

-Jinhong’s self-developed products have been officially supplied to a number of well-known semiconductor customers such as SMIC, SK Hynix, YMTC, Micron, and UnitedSemi.


-Signed TGM service contract with strategic customer SK Hynix Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd., breaking through the TGM service case of well-known IC semiconductor customers.

-Opened up overseas first-handheliumsource, and started and continued to expand import of helium resources.Jinhong'soverseas customized helium tanks have been put into use, escorting to increase the market share of helium products.

-Signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with GCL. The two parties will establish a strategic partnership in the field of Silanegas sales, which will greatly increase the company's silane product resources and enhance Jinhong's competitive advantage.

-Won the bid for Guangdong's electronic bulk gas project broke through Jinhong's customer cases in the field of MINI-LED and GaN chips; electronic bulk gas has been officially supplied to Guangdong Xinyueneng Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

-Signed on-site gas plant contract with Ya'an Baitu High-tech Materials Co., Ltd., Haining Chint Solar Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo Tairuisi Microelectronics Co., Ltd., Suzhou Wearnes Electronics Co., Ltd., Hefei Daheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Xuancheng Huasun Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.

- The purchase of 100% shares of Suzhou Sutong LPG Co., Ltd. is of great significance for Jinhong to further integrate the regional LPG market and improve the overall profitability, service quality and security of related businesses.

-Signed a hydrogen energy promotion and application cooperation agreement with CRRC Zhuzhou National Innovation Railway Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly develop and deliver a skid-mounted system for on-site production, storage, transportation and filling.

-Proposed to issue convertible corporate bonds to raise funds of no more than 1.016 billion yuan. The funds raised will focus on the company's main business, which is conducive to deepening the company's business layout in the fields of electronic specialty gas and carbon neutral products.

Honors in Q1-Q3

"Outstanding Enterprise of Jiangsu Science and Technology Innovation and Development Award"

"Nomination Award of Jiangsu Provincial Governor Quality Award"

"Jiangsu Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factory"

"National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise"

"Jiangsu Outstanding Contribution Award of Manufacturing"

"Civilized Enterprise of Jiangsu Province"

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan of Jinhong

Jinhong Gas--Pure Gold Quality Provider

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