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Medical Oxygen of JinHong Gas Exports to Russia to Help Fight the Epidemic

Date: Nov 24, 2021

    On November 1st, officials from Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in the People's Republic of China Shanghai Branch visited JinHong Gas to investigate themedical oxygenproducts which would export to Russia. Mr. Jin Xianghua, the president of JinHong Gas, and Mr. Kang Lizhong, the vice president of sales, accompanied the inspection.

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01. Visit the Production Base

    At JinHong's Medical Oxygen Production Base, the delegation visited the production area and the filling area.




    At the subsequent symposium, the delegation expressed their deep gratitude to JinHong Gas for its ability to complete the task of medical oxygen production with high efficiency and high quality. They said that China is currently facing the pressure of an international trade war, and the cost from resource imports to equipment production has risen significantly. JinHong Gas's ability to strictly fulfill the contract under this situation and complete the production tasks with high quality is not only a manifestation of its strong business capabilities and professional ethics, but also represents the Chinese enterprises' love for Russia's epidemic prevention work. The delegation also stated that today's visit gave them full confidence in JinHong Gas's subsequent delivery of medical oxygen. In the future, they will work hard to build bridges for Sino-Russian companies to enhance cooperation, continuously optimize the trade relationship between Russian companies and JinHong Gas, and promote more JinHong gas's products to be exported to the Russian market.

02. Symposium

    The president Mr. Jin Xianghua said that the fight against the coronavirus pandemic requires extensive cooperation worldwide. JinHong Gas has made its own efforts in responding to China's domestic epidemic prevention work, and will now also uphold its sincerity and sense of social responsibility to contribute to its friendly neighbor-Russia. Our company is fortunate to be Russian company's supplier of medical oxygen products. We hope to use this as an opportunity to provide practical assistance to Russia in fighting the epidemic, so as to show the beautiful vision that Chinese and Russian people are working together to fight the epidemic and safeguard the peace.


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