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What is gas cabinet part - AUTO Guard?

Date: Jul 22, 2022

    Gas cylinder cabinet is a common equipment in industrial production or laboratory. As a safety protection cabinet for storing various types of dangerous gases, it can ensure the safe and stable use of dangerous gases, not only to ensure experimental production, but also to maintain the safety of personnel. There are three major elements of electronic special gas supply system in the semiconductor industry: safety, stability and purity, of which safety is the first element of the three elements!

    Under normal circumstances, the position of the gas cylinder connector in the gas cylinder cabinet is a mechanical structure, which cannot effectively prevent the misoperation of the workers. When the workers remove the gas cylinder connector by mistake, it is likely to cause gas to be ejected and cause personal injury and production interruption.

gas cylinder connector

    In response to this problem, AUTO Guard is designed to be an effective gas cabinet accessory that can effectively prevent misoperation.

AUTO Guard

    In a nutshell, what it does is to automatically close the flapper or ferrule after the gas cylinder connector is installed. At this time, the wrench cannot be inserted, which can effectively prevent the gas in use by mistake and avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. AUTO Guard, also called Shift Cover, is installed at the connection position between the gas cylinder outlet and the Pigtail.

Shift Cover

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