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Inaugural Ceremony of Jinhong Gas High-Speed Train Takes Place at Shanghai

Date: Jun 30, 2023

Date: June 16, 2023

Shanghai, June 16, 2023 - In a grand ceremony today, the Jinhong Gas high-speed train, bearing the prominent inscription "Jinhong Gas - Sharing the Beauty of Gas with the World," embarked from Shanghai Hongqiao Station, marking the official commencement of this exciting collaborative project. The dazzling train, adorned with this proclamation, showcases Jinhong Gas Company's leading position in the gas industry and its commitment to global gas sharing.


The inaugural ceremony of the Jinhong Gas high-speed train attracted numerous guests, partners, and media, all bearing witness to this significant moment. Executives from Jinhong Gas Company, government officials, and railway authorities jointly launched this distinctive high-speed train. Jinhong Gas high-speed train departed gracefully, symbolizing the beginning of a new journey for Jinhong Gas Company in the gas sector.

As a globally renowned gas solutions provider, Jinhong Gas Company has been dedicated to delivering innovative gas products and services to meet the diverse needs of various industries. This partnership with the high-speed train not only represents a major milestone for Jinhong Gas Company but also sets a new benchmark for the global gas industry.


Prominently displayed on the train's exterior is the phrase "Jinhong Gas - Sharing the Beauty of Gas with the World," showcasing Jinhong Gas Company's vision of enabling the world to share in the beauty of gas. Leveraging the efficient and eco-friendly transportation mode, Jinhong Gas Company will rapidly distribute its innovative gas technologies and products throughout the country, further meeting customer demands and propelling the growth of the gas industry.

The departure of the Jinhong Gas high-speed train signifies more than just the start of a train journey; it strengthens the bond between Jinhong Gas Company and its global partners, as they collectively commit to driving innovation and progress in the gas industry. This collaboration will provide Jinhong Gas Company with broader opportunities for development and enhance its influence in the global gas market.


About Jinhong Gas Company:

Jinhong Gas Company is a globally leading gas solutions provider, offering innovative gas products and services. The company is committed to meeting customer gas needs in industries such as industrial, medical, and scientific research, while continually driving development and innovation in the gas industry. Guided by principles of sustainability, Jinhong Gas Company aims to provide high-quality and environmentally friendly gas solutions to its global clientele.

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