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Here Hydrogen Comes

Date: Jun 02, 2021

    On May 15, Nanjing held a grand opening ceremony of the first hydrogen refueling station in the urban area, the first oil and hydrogen joint construction station of Sinopec in Jiangsu and the first hydrogen energy bus demonstration line in Nanjing. The vice mayor of Nanjing and the Chairman and party secretary of Sinopec Jiangsu Petroleum, and other leaders attended the event. Suzhou JinHong Gas Co., Ltd. is responsible for the hydrogen fuel supply and operation guarantee of the hydrogen refueling station, and has become the backstage pioneer to cooperate with the government and state-owned enterprises to promote the development and deployment of clean energy.

    The ceremony was presided over by the executive deputy head of Gaochun District in Nanjing. Nanjing Vice Mayor, Gaochun District Party Committee Secretary, District Mayor and other relevant leaders, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Municipal Construction Committee, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Emergency Management Bureau and other relevant department leaders attended the launch ceremony.

Hydrogen Energy Leads the Future

    In September 2020, during the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly, President Xi Jinping proposed that China will increase its nationally determined contribution, strive to peak its carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. As an extension and deepening of the energy revolution strategy, carbon neutrality will profoundly change the energy structure in the long run. The national goal of being carbon neutral already implies the need to achieve "zero carbon" for most individual entities in economic activities. The period of 14th Five-Year Plan is the starting stage of the carbon neutral process, which requires full preparation for carbon neutrality and energy transition.

    To achieve "carbon neutrality", reducing carbon emissions and increasing forest "carbon sinks" are two important aspects. Along with industrial development and modernization, energy demand will continue to surge in the future, so on the premise of ensuring energy overall incremental demand, vigorously promoting the development of hydrogen energy with zero carbon emissions, transforming energy circulation structure from the traditional "carbon cycle" into "hydrogen circulation" is an important way to achieve the overall goal of carbon neutrality. As a leading private gas company in China, JinHong Gas produces more than 100 kinds of industrial gases, including "high purity hydrogen". JinHong Gas has the responsibility and determination to do its best to cooperate with the government and enterprises to promote the construction of clean energy.

    The hydrogen energy industry chain mainly includes hydrogen production, storage and transportation, hydrogenation and other aspects. JinHong Gas has excellent performance and leading advantages in the above fields.

    In the hydrogen production line, the company relies on the two core technologies of "hydrogen production from natural gas cracking" and "hydrogen production by PSA from tail gas recovery ", and its main product indexes are at the same level as foreign gas giants. At present, the hydrogen production capacity of Suzhou headquarters can reach 23 million cubic meters per year, and the total hydrogen production capacity of its hydrogen production plants in Zhangjiagang, Chongqing and Meishan, Sichuan can exceed 80 million cubic meters per year, which has laid a solid foundation for the government and enterprises to carry out extensive hydrogen energy industry layout.
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    In the storage and transportation, hydrogenation link, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of JinHong Gas, currently JinHong Logistics has over 360 hazardous chemical vehicles and nearly 330 drivers in custody. Utilize the digital operation platform, rationally plan, travel scientifically, and ensure quality, quantity, and supply under the premise of ensuring safety. Combined with the company's excellent productivity, JinHong has now become a high-quality hydrogen supplier for 8 hydrogen refueling stations (distributed in Shanghai, Changshu, Rugao, Zhangjiagang, etc.) across the country.


    The Chairman and party secretary of Sinopec Jiangsu Petroleum said at the launch ceremony that the company is actively participating in the hydrogen energy planning of various governments in Jiangsu. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Sinopec will also set up 1,000 hydrogen refueling stations across the country. It is not only a great affirmation of JinHong's quality, but also another challenge for all JinHong people that JinHong Gas has been entrusted with the important task in the construction of the first hydrogen refueling station in the province.

    In the future, we will adhere to vertical and horizontal development strategy —vertical development and horizontal layout, strengthen R&D capability, make “provide clean green energy for the nation and society, become a pioneer of environmental protection industry” as own duty, do our utmost to cooperate with the government, carry out the basic construction and industry innovation, and make our own contribution on "green low carbon" & "net zero emissions".


    Taken in Suzhou Jinhong Gas Co., Ltd.

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