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JinHong Gas: A Comprehensive Layout In Hydrogen Energy Field Has Achieved

Date: Apr 12, 2021

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    According to the statistics of China Coal Processing and Utilization Association, both the production and consumption of hydrogen energy in China have exceeded 25 million tons in 2020,making China the world's largest hydrogen producer. The foreign gas giants started early and established a strong competitive position in the production technology of hydrogen field. China's local high-purity hydrogen enterprises mainly compete in the retail hydrogen supply market, and most customers are various electronic companies and non-ferrous metal deep processing enterprises, etc., which is a typical market of "large number of customers but small amount of individual consumption".

    As an important gas supplier in China, JinHong Gas has a hydrogen production capacity of 44.6 million standard m3 in 2019. Using natural gas and exhausting gas recovery & purification are the two main methods for hydrogen production.

    JinHong Gas deployed hydrogen energy long time ago. The company has built hydrogen plants in Suzhou, Chongqing and a few more cities. Moreover, the fundraising project - High-purity Gas Project for VLIC of Zhangjiagang JinHong Gas Co., Ltd. is about to enter the trial production stage, and the hydrogen production capacity can reach 24 million standard cubic meters per year.

The latest established subsidiary Meishan JinHong will also set up a hydrogen plant in the future. The production capacity of Chongqing Hydrogen Plant will be increased from 2,400 m³ per hour to 5,600 m³ per hour. Currently, hydrogen from Chongqing Hydrogen Plant has been applied to 7 hydrogen refueling stations.

    In addition, the high purity hydrogen has a very big domestic sales volume, with a market share of 6.48%. It mainly depends on the fact that the technical indicators of JinHong UHP hydrogen purification technology are at the same level as foreign gas giants, and has excellent product quality.

    “At present we have accumulated plenty of experience in production, storage and transportation, and the research project also includes liquid hydrogen storage materials. The biggest problem of hydrogen is the low efficiency of transportation. Thus JinHong R & D team is studying more efficient hydrogen storage methods, hoping to improve hydrogen transportation efficiency." Jinhong Gas has made a comprehensive layout of hydrogen gas earlier. JinHong annual report shows that in terms of hydrogen, the company has three domestic leading technologies in R & D, which are the investments in purification, storage and transportation.

    The industry believes that in the future, with strong encouragement and support of national industrial policies, the room for growth of hydrogen energy is huge in our country and the demand for hydrogen also shows a rapid growth trend in the future. A-share companies in the hydrogen sector will also enjoy the benefits brought by the industry. 

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