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The Royal Helium Company has started delivering purified helium gas to its first U.S. end-user

Date: Dec 29, 2023

Recently, the Royal Helium Company successfully announced the official commencement of supplying purified helium gas to their North American aviation partners. The product is being transported from the company's first helium purification station located in Princess, Alberta, Canada, to Colorado for liquefaction processing. Subsequently, the liquefied helium will be transported to the customer sites in the United States. The Royal Helium Company has signed ongoing transportation and liquefaction agreements with the customers, and the associated costs are covered by the company.

Andrew Davidson, CEO of Royal Helium Company, stated:

'Today's delivery milestone is a result of the dedicated efforts of our company's team and several top engineering, manufacturing, and construction teams over the past year. The Steveville plant processed 15 million cubic feet of unpurified gas from two Steveville wells owned by Royal. We proudly assert that the Steveville plant is the global pioneer among similar facilities in having the lowest carbon footprint and emissions. The initial delivery comes just days after the opening ceremony of the Steveville helium purification station in Newell County, Alberta, although the plant is physically located in Newell County, Alberta. The Steveville purification station will connect Canada and the entire North American region, providing purified helium gas to major industries such as healthcare, semiconductor manufacturing, and Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). As Royal Helium Company continues to replicate its upstream-to-downstream capabilities within its vast geological blocks, we can meet the ever-growing helium demands both domestically and internationally. Canada has been a strong trading partner with the United States, and we look forward to expanding our cooperation further with Western European and Asian countries, aiding in reducing their reliance on helium supplies from unstable regions.'

David Young, Executive Vice President and Head of U.S. Operations at Royal Helium Company, further noted: 'Despite the increasingly limited global helium supply, the demand for purified helium gas is skyrocketing at a record pace, driving explosive growth in related industries. Key sectors such as healthcare, semiconductor manufacturing, fiber optics, aerospace, defense, and quantum computing rely on this precious green gas. Many of these industry players are headquartered or operate in the United States. For instance, semiconductor and chip manufacturers have announced multi-billion-dollar expansion plans in the country. As one of the few vertically integrated developers and purifiers in North America, Royal is committed to being a leading supplier of highly purified helium gas in these markets.'

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