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Kunshan JinHong Carried Out the Emergency Rescue Drill in Order to Prevent Tank Leakage.

Date: May 10, 2021

    On April 2nd, Kunshan Jinhong Carbon Dioxide Plant carried out an emergency rescue drill for tank truck filling leakage for the first quarter. The exercise simulated a sudden disconnection of the pipe joints of the carbon dioxide tank during the filling process, causing leakage of a large amount of carbon dioxide. An operator was "injured" and emergency rescue was launched. The drill aims to improve the ability of emergency response team to coordinate rescue and the emergency response capabilities of on-site operators. The drill was directed by the on-site commander, who's also the production section chief.

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    At 14:00, the drill officially began. Ten minutes after the beginning of the filling of CO2 tank, a large amount of leakage occurred at the joint between the hose and the flange of the tank. A filling operator was injured and fell to the ground. The filling inspection and monitoring personnel immediately reported to the on-site commander when they found the danger. And the filling pump and filling control valve were quickly closed on the central control computer. After receiving the report, the on-site commander decided to immediately activate the emergency rescue plan. The members of the emergency team assembled and took quick actions, and performed their duties right away.

    The engineering rescue team put on positive pressure breathing apparatus, antifreeze suits and antifreeze gloves to enter the central area of the leaking, closed the valve on the tank, and used a stretcher to transfer the wounded personnel to the safe area. The emergency rescue team also used fire-fighting mist water to disperse and dilute the gas. The security group sets up a security line to prohibit other vehicles and people from approaching. After 20 minutes of efficient and orderly rescue, the leakage point was completely controlled and the on-site danger was eliminated.

    On-site commander made a summary and evaluation of the drill. Through this preventative exercise, the emergency team and operators became familiar with the emergency response procedures and improved their responsive capabilities.

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