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    15 2024.04
    Application and prospect of supercritical CO2 extraction

    1. Application of Supercritical CO2 in Environmental Engineering
    1.1 Regeneration of Activated Carbon Adsorbents
    Activated carbon possesses strong adsorption capabilities and can be reused, making it widely applied in various fields such as m...

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    12 2024.04
    Introduction to the technique of supercritical CO2 fluid extraction

    In recent years, the development of supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extraction technology has advanced rapidly, achieving a leap from theoretical research to large-scale production. This technology is widely used in industries such as environmental eng...

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    03 2024.04
    New Industrial Waste Helium Gas Purification and Recycling

    Background Introduction
    Helium is a scarce strategic resource that, apart from a few regions globally, is relatively rare. However, helium has a wide range of uses, serving as a crucial resource in military reconnaissance airships, industrial fibers, ...

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    01 2024.03
    Helium Conservation Strategy: Balancing Industrial Demand and Environmental Concerns

    Helium, an indispensable rare gas in our lives, plays numerous critical roles, from medical to scientific experiments, and even electronic manufacturing, among many other fields. However, with the increasing industrial demand and the growing scarcity of r...

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    25 2024.01
    The Role of Helium Gas in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) stands at the forefront of advanced medical diagnostics, allowing us to peer inside the human body with unparalleled clarity. Central to the success of MRI technology is the crucial role played by helium gas. This article ...

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    10 2024.01
    World helium price is expected to decrease further in 2024

    Gazprom, the Russian natural gas industry company, announced that it has successfully increased its ammonia production capacity eightfold in 2023. This move is expected to significantly improve the global helium supply situation. The CEO of the company, Y...

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