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Silane in Nitrogen

The mixture gas of nitrogen and silane is flammable gas, may explode when heated. It mainly used in X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, electronic detector and other instruments, laboratory research, etc.

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Silane in Nitrogen
Silane in Nitrogen
Silane in Nitrogen
Silane in Nitrogen


Chemical NameSilaneHydrogen
CAS No.7803-62-51333-74-0
UN No.1954
Emergency Measures
Label elements
  • 1656580341386-ckt-抠图

    Signal word: Danger

  • Solar Cells
    Solar Cells

    It is used to make solar thin-film cells that attach silicon molecules to the surface.

  • Integrated Circuits
    Integrated Circuits

    It is used as silicon source in the epitaxial growth process of large scale integrated circuit. It is used in low temperature silicon dioxide CVD and silicon nitride CVD.

  • Military Industry
    Military Industry

    It is applied to the R&D and production of national defense and military industry.

Frequently Asked Question
  • Q: What’s the specification can you supply?

    Gas: N2/SIH4   Cylinder: 44L   Valve: DISS632
    Special specifications also can be customized.

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