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Oxygen in Tetrafluoromethane

The mixture of 80% CF4 gas with 20% O2 gas can be widely used in the surface cleaning of electronic components, solar cells, laser technology and other fields.

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Oxygen in Tetrafluoromethane
Oxygen in Tetrafluoromethane


Chemical NameOxygenTetrafluoromethane
CAS No.7782-44-775-73-0
UN no.1956
Label elements
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The mixture gas of tetrafluoromethane and oxygen is widely used in silicon, silica, silicon, phosphorus silicon nitride thin film material such as glass and tungsten etching, in the production of electronic components surface cleaning, solar cells, laser technology, gas phase insulation, cryogenic refrigeration, leak inspection agent, attitude control space rockets, printed circuit also has a lot of use in the production of detergent, etc.

Frequently Asked Question
  • Q: What’s the specification can you supply?

    Gas: O2/CF4   Cylinder: 44L   Valve: CGA580

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