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Oxygen in Nitrogen

Purified oxygen and pure nitrogen mix to get synthetic air, which eliminates all kinds of impurities in the normal ambient air. It can be not only used for the breathing of animals and plants, combustible combustion, but also for better use in medical treatment, environment and detection industries.

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Oxygen in Nitrogen
Oxygen in Nitrogen
Oxygen in Nitrogen
Oxygen in Nitrogen

Synthetic air is produced by mixing pure oxygen (20%) and pure nitrogen (80%). This eliminates all kind of impurities present in normal ambient air.

Content Percentage20%80%
CAS No.132259-10-0
UN No.1002
  • Burning and Breathing
    Burning and Breathing

    Air is the source of oxygen for burning, respiration of plants and animals, decay, and industrial oxidations.

  • Environmental

    Synthetic air is used ass zero gas in the running and calibration of environmental monitoring and test measurements where levels of Sulphur and nitric oxides can effect the measure equipment.

  • Medical

    Syntheric air is used in medical gas mixtures.

  • Oxidizing Agents
    Oxidizing Agents

    Synthetic air is regularly used as the oxidizer for flameionization detectors in chromatography and total hydrocarbon analyzers.

  • Technology

    Synthetic air is used together with acetylene in atomicabsorption flame spectrometry.

  • Gas Calibration
    Gas Calibration

    Syntheric air is used as a balance gas for many calibration gases.

Frequently Asked Question
  • Q: What’s the specification can you supply?

    Cylinder: 40L / 44L     Valve: QF-2/CGA580     Pressure: 135bar

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