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Oxygen in Helium

The mixture gas of helium and oxygen is used as breathing gas for divers who must work at great depths and therefore high pressures. The use of helium to dilute the oxygen instead of nitrogen, as in air, prevents nitrogen being dissolved in the blood, which is the cause of nitrogen narcosis (also known as “bends”).

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Oxygen in Helium
Oxygen in Helium
Oxygen in Helium
Oxygen in Helium


Chemical NameOxygenHelium
CAS No.7782-44-77440-59-7
UN No.3156
Label elements
  • 未标题-1

    Signal word: Warning


Physical and chemical properties
Physical state: Compressed gas.
Appearance: Colorless.
Odor: Odorless.


Hazard Statements

Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated


Use a backflow preventive device in piping
Use only equipment of compatible materials of construction and rated for cylinder pressure
Close valve after each use and when empty

Handing and storage

Store in cool, dry, well-ventilated area of non-combustible construction away from heavily trafficked areas and emergency exits.
Keep at temperatures below 52°C / 125°F.
Cylinders should be stored upright with valve protection cap in place and firmly secured to prevent falling.
Full and empty cylinders should be segregrated.
Use a "first in-first out" inventory system to prevent full cylinders from being stored for excessive periods of time.
Stored containers should be periodically checked for general condition and leakage.

Frequently Asked Question
  • Q: What’s the specification can you supply?

    Gas: He/O2   Cylinder: 40L   Valve: G5/8

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