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A Collective Energy to Serve Our 6.8 Million Clients and Patients

  • 2,400+
    Employees in 28 countries

    Committed on a daily basis to better and serve our customers

  • 350

    Committed on a daily basis to better and serve our customers

  • 100+
    R & D products

    The company has developed more than 100 products, such as electronic special natural gas,.......

  • 10,000+
    Cooperative customers

    24 years of enterprise experience, cooperating with customers in different countries

The company has R & D center, CNAs laboratory and steel cylinder testing center, with strong independent R & D ability and combination ability of industry, University and research resources. It is a comprehensive solution to create value for customers.

Video Display of Jinhong Gas Co., Ltd

With the continuous enrichment of products, the continuous innovation of gas supply mode, strong transportation strength and high-quality service, Jinhong realizes the value behind the price for customers and has won the extensive trust of customers.

Core Concept of Jinhong

With Jinhong values as the core and Jinhong system as the code of conduct, by affirming employees' values, encouraging employees' dreams, achieving employees, customers and giving back to the society.

By establishing the operation system of corporate culture, let all department members become the pr-actitioners of corporate culture, so as to realize "imp-roving employee morale internally and shaping cor-porate image externally".

Concrete Results

Concrete Results

Jinhong's 7n ultra pure ammonia and high-purity 5n5 laughing gas plants are equipped with advanced equipment, with annual output of more than 12000 tons and 9000 tons respectively. The quality has been recognized by customers in the electronics industry and occupies a high market share.

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