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Sparkling Water Machines

For civil gas, Jinhong Gas adheres to the concept of "always providing consumers with high-quality gas and caring services", and has launched household products such as sparkling water machines, helium gas for home, and glass chiller, which have won unanimous praise from the market.

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● Piano baking paint process, streamlined design, more beautiful and elegant

● All key components are made of food-grade materials, high asfety

● After adding jam, honey, fruit and other special modulation, it can be made into a refreshing and delicious bubble drink

● The operation is simple, and it is deeply loved by young and fashionable people

● We also provide gas charge


About gas cylinder and gas charge


Product number: JP-S6
Product specifications: W180mm x L450mm x H370mm
Product weight: Net weight 18.5kg; Gross weight 20.5kg
Product voltage: 220V-240V AC 50Hz
Cooling power: 100W
Color Classification: Black, White
Intake pressure: 5.0-6.0 bar (73-87PSI)
Water inlet pressure: 2.0-3.0 bar (30-40PSI)


Food Grade Carbon dioxide Gas Charge:
Purity: ≥99%
Filling capacity: 8g
Quantity: 10 pcs/box

  • Drinking Directly
    Drinking Directly

    You can make your own sparkling water at home for a healthy and hygienic drink

  • Making Soft Drinks
    Making Soft Drinks

    Add sparkling water at the right time and the powerful effervescence makes any fruity drink or freshly squeezed juice even better.

  • Preparation of Drinks
    Preparation of Drinks

    Add the sparkling water just made to all kinds of low-alcohol or strong alcohol, and the strong bubbles allow you to better enjoy your banquets and parties.

  • Beauty & Skincare
    Beauty & Skincare

    Sparkling water also can deeply cleanses the skin

  • Washing Fruit and Vegetables
    Washing Fruit and Vegetables

    It is safer to use sparkling water to wash fruits and vegetables, and it is a good choice for your life


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